Payment Policy

The following payment policy has been put in place to ensure that you do not experience any service interruptions during your individual wellness journey at Rockthatbody Nutrition & Wellness Over 50:

During our coaching relationship nothing is more important to me than providing you with top of the line coaching, training and nutritional wellness education. In order to maintain this Gold Standard of Care payment for these services is expected up front. This includes both online and in-home services. By keeping your payments up to date we avoid the inconvenience of wasting time on billing issues and instead put the focus where it truly belongs: on your coaching experience.

In instances where the credit card is not processing or has unexpectedly expired, clients are expected to update their payment information in a timely manner. In order to prevent service interruptions, I will send you an email the day that your payment has declined to notify you of the situation. You are expected at that time to resolve the situation and I will manually process the updating of your card. Any past due accounts will be suspended within 48 hours until full payment is made. No exceptions.

The nutritional lessons will continue to move forward even during a temporary account suspension. Because this results in a backup of lessons and your individual progress in the program, it is not advised that you put yourself in this situation. There is no pause button in life. Neither should you hit pause on the successes you have already made for yourself. If you decide to restart the program you will be expected to restart your payments, the payments you made thus far will not be moved into a new account nor will they be refunded. Please choose wisely.

I work very hard to bring you the best that my industry has to offer you and I promise to always do so!
So let’s avoid this drama altogether and put the focus back ON YOU shall we?

Thank you kindly for entrusting me with your health!

– Coach Marta